About me

Let me take you briefly into my world for a minute and you can cast your own vote from there :)

My name is Toni, I am 28. Married and have a son, I love family life and everything that comes with it. When I aren't being the perfect house wife and mother, I play makeup!

My love for makeup began at a very early age, I used to practice some very questionable looks with the huge supermarket cosmetic sets you get as a kid, they weren't great! My "obsession" and I feel very confident in calling it that, began when I was given a gift card to buy some high end products! The rest is history, I just kept on buying! I have so many favourite brands but absolutely love to try out new brands and products.

I work part time as a freelance Makeup Artist and have met some lovely people along the way so far, and seen some amazing talent! I am forever inspired by others in the industry, from my surroundings and books.

Check out my website if you would like to see my work so far

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