Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Drugstore Concealers

So I am coming at you with my first review and my chosen topic is, Drugstore concealers!
I have so many clients and friends asking me which are the best concealers on the market that you can pick up at your local beauty store.

Here's a list of the one's I find works for me. They are all different and have their own qualities in my opinion. So depending on how my skin is coping  with the world each day, will help me decide on which one I reach for.

Nyx Conceal, Correct, Contour Palette review - Light

This little palette is an absolute gem and comes in at only £10 for 6 shades, it comes in Light, Medium & Deep, I obviously bought light for my Icelandic tan. You can now purchase a lot of the Nyx products from Boots. I have swatched all 6 shades from left to right. As you can see the texture is quite heavy, this palette does claim to be great for contouring but I find the formula too hard to work with and difficult to blend out. For that reason though, this is why I love these as a cover up concealer, they are great to hide pimples or any skin discolouration. They sit really well on the skin but I recommend setting with a light dusting of pressed or loose translucent powder. The formula is also great for mixing to get custom shades.


Bourjois Healthy Mix concealer review - Éclat Clair 51

Specially formulated with Hydrating and Anti fatigue ingredients, this retails at £7.99 and is available in most drugstores and online at ASOS too. This comes in 3 shades 51 light, 52 Medium and 52 Dark. I found even the lightest shade of this to be too dark for me as an under eye concealer, So I reach for this when I have a tan...a fake one. The formula itself is great, It is a very blendable creamy texture and covers blemishes well. The applicator makes easy for swiping under the eyes and the smell is also a bonus, it smells like apricots. I would definitely recommend this for someone with a slightly darker skin tone than myself.

Rimmel Wake Me Up concealer review - Soft Beige

I picked this up on a 3for2 offer in Asda one day but you can get it for only £5.49 at Superdrug. I chose the shade Soft Beige as I wanted to try it for a client and not myself. It does come in 4 shades in total 10 Ivory, 20 True Ivory, 30 Classic Beige, 40 Soft Beige. This concealer is brilliant for under the eyes, the shade I picked has a slightly pink tone so makes perfect for those dark circles on a more olive skin tone. Set with a powder and it will not move all day.

L'Oreal True Match concealer review - Vanilla

This concealer has been my favourite for a long time and serves well with my clients too I've bought around 8 altogether so far, the yellow tone the shade Vanilla has makes it great for highlighting all the points of the face, I often mix this with the Rimmel Wake Me UP depending on the skin tone. I pat this into the tea zone using a damp sponge and set very lightly with a pressed powder in a similar colour. You can pick this up for around £6.99 at Superdrug and Boots but also online at Feelunique. It comes in 5 colours so has a good range and even a darker shade "Coffee".


Maybelline Fit Me concealer review - Fair 15

A very recent purchase of this concealer has ranked it "just" above my trusty L'Oreal vanilla, this has a more pinkish tone to it which I find does work better with my pale and freckled skin. It blends out lovely and as you can see is slightly thinner in consistency to the others, but you can easily build it up to the depth of coverage you want without having to worry about it caking. I've been setting this with my Laura Mercier loose translucent powder and the finish is great. I also purchased this in the shade Light 10 which is quite a bit darker with a more yellow tone. Another shade they offer is Sand 20 and at £5.99 each it is such good value for money. Pop onto Maybelline UK to see options where to purchase this wonder stick ;)

Collection Lasting Perfection concealer review - 1 Fair
This to me is very similar to the Maybelline Fit me in terms of colour, they are both very much on the "fair" side. As you can see on the swatch, the Collection formula is almost twice as thick in comparison to Fit me. To some this is exactly what they are looking for, for me not so. I have to work with it pretty quick in order to blend it out seamlessly. This concealer is fantastic if you are looking to cover any blemishes or acne scarring, due to the consistency you can dot this on and pat into the skin then set with a powder to disguise any imperfections. This comes in 4 shades Fair, Cool Medium, Warm Medium and Dark Shade.
Maybelline Age Rewind concealer review - Light
I am a huge fan of this product, with just one application your dark circles disappear, leaving the area fresh and radiant. While concealing, it nourishes your skin at the same time due to the Goji berry and Haloxyl ingredient. I got this in light and the neutraliser shade but surprise they are still dark for me, so I often apply this and then go in with my Maybelline or Collection concealer to help brighten. It is perfect for me when I have some colour and I can use this alone and be set for the day or night. This goes for £7.99 and there are 6 shades in altogether including the neutraliser and brightening shades. At the mo Boots have an offer on all Maybelline products so get it cheaper while you can. 
To finish off I thought I would include a pic using my current fave of the Drugstore concealers. Maybelline Fit Me - As you can my left eye looks a lot brighter and my puffy eye bag is reduced. It also clears up any shadow fallout nicely too !

Hope you all enjoyed my first review, Don't forget to subscribe by email to stay tuned for what I have lined up next. Lots of great reviews and possibly some tutorials for you all. If you have anything you would like me to review for you, please leave a comment below. Look forward to hearing from you all.
Toni x

Tuesday, 26 April 2016

So I thought I would start my first blog post by introducing myself, I'm Toni a makeup and beauty addict. I love to play with makeup on myself and others, which was the reason I started my freelance work as a makeup artist.
It has been 8 months now, and things are going well.. better than I had planned to be honest.
It isn't all as glamorous as some might imagine though, I'm usually covered in eyeliner, loose powder and eyelash glue. But it is fun and very trying at times and I obviously love it so I don't always mind the 5am get ups!

When I'm not covered in makeup I am working my other part time job, tending to my 4 year old son and husband who acts 4! Life's pretty hectic at times, but that's how I like it.

I buy and test products each month, one because it's partly my job to keep up to date with new makeup trends and two because I love to try new things and annoy my neighbours with the delivery man Sshhhh.
I find myself researching products before I buy them and looking for reviews, swatches and tutorials. Then I figured why not be one of those people that puts all their opinions about things they love in one place, so here I am!
I also get the chance to be involved in fun photo-shoots now and again so I am hoping to share some of these experiences with you all too.

Keep checking back for my next posts and product reviews.

Toni x